Visual development artist specializing in color & environments for animated films and games.


Einar, a retired pilot haunted by his past, finds solace in caring for his sheep on the island. But when a massive falcon threatens his flock, he is forced to confront his fears. In a surprising turn of events, Einar discovers the falcon is merely hungry. An unexpected bond forms, when the falcon takes Einar's pies leading to a heartwarming friendship.


My contribution to the Childhood Week event from 2023.

Miro and the King's Heart

Miro and his friend Teru had been traveling through the enchanted forests for days. Miro was on a quest to find a magical crystal that was said to have immense power. He had heard it was hidden in a sacred shrine deep in the forest...


In the vast frozen expanse of Antarctica, three intrepid researchers delve into the mysteries of the icy wilderness. Little did they know that their expedition would lead them to an astonishing discovery—a creature unlike anything ever seen.


An exciting sci-fi story about two brothers (in development).


Character designs, portraits and more.

Visual development /
color artist

Eugen Papen is a visual development artist specializing in color, light, and mood painting.After obtaining a bachelor's degree in design, he had the opportunity to work with amazing people worldwide.
His responsibilities included pitch paintings / color keys, background art, environment concepts, and props design.
He is currently open to new opportunities in studios, and as a freelancer.

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