Visual development artist specializing in color, light, and mood painting.


Einar, a retired pilot haunted by his past, finds solace in caring for his sheep on the island. But when a massive falcon threatens his flock, he is forced to confront his fears. In a surprising turn of events, Einar discovers the falcon is merely hungry. An unexpected bond forms, when the falcon takes Einar's pies leading to a heartwarming friendship.


A story about foresters in a beautiful, but dangerous world.
(In development)

Miro and the King's Heart

Miro and his friend Teru had been traveling through the enchanted forests for days. Miro was on a quest to find a magical crystal that was said to have immense power. He had heard it was hidden in a sacred shrine deep in the forest...


A sci-fi story about two brothers.
(In development)


Character designs, color keys and more.

Visual development /
color artist

Hi, my name is Eugen!
I'm a visual development artist working in animation and games.
I'm available to work on story paintings / color keys, backgrounds, environment concepts, and prop design.After obtaining a bachelor's degree in design, I had the opportunity to work with amazing people worldwide.I'm currently open to new opportunities in studios, and as a freelancer.

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